Food is the world's most important category. If you were to regress every other category, we would still survive. If cars disappeared tomorrow — we would ride horses, as we once did. If bridges disappeared tomorrow — we would sail boats. However, if food were to disappear tomorrow, we would become extinct within days. Before extinction, comes the stage of endangered species. The current food system is regressing, and wrapped in false virtue. ZIKI believes that the greatest way to protect and advance our health as humans, resides within our food system. ZIKI has chosen to base itself in the philosophy of scaling the most pure, natural, and most earthly ingredients — in order to move us forward. 
Many restaurants and grocery stores are poisoning you with toxic ingredients that your body simply cannot process. This includes things like seed oils, vegetable oils, soy, palm, artificial, and preservatives. This results in inflammation, illness, depression, hormonal imbalance, weight volatility, and many more. Certain disease exists today which once did not, and we believe much of it has to do with your diet. We are prioritizing your health at our expense — while they are prioritizing saving money at the expense of your health.
We do not cook with ANY seed oils, canola oils, vegetable oils, and we are completely soy-free.
OUR OILS — Grass-fed butter is our primary cooking ingredient, followed by extra virgin olive oil. That’s it. Zero Acre oil is what we fry our items in. Animal fat is full of nutrients and omega fatty acids, especially when the animal was pasture raised. All fats have some level of Trans Fats, but natural Trans Fats are much healthier for people than manmade vegetable oil trans fats. One example, is that we use animal-based ghee in our dessert, instead of vegetable ghee — despite it being 253% more expensive.
OUR VEGGIES — Local. No hexane ripening, no preservatives, and nothing artificial. Sustainably and regeneratively grown so it is not destroying the surrounding environment. You would be amazed at how much the environment suffers with certain farm practices that do not follow sustainable or regenerative. Our veggies are healthier, and taste better (so much better).
OUR EGGS — Regenerative. We only use pasture-raised, and free range. The chickens are on a varied diet consisting of the entire natural biome (insects, grains, seeds, and other microorganisms, vegetable scraps, and supplemented minerals). These chickens are not being force fed. They are steroid-free and stress-hormone free. Happier and healthier chickens are better chickens.
OUR DAIRY — Yogurt is the foundation of our famous Tzatziki sauces. We use goat milk, rather than traditional cow milk. "Compared to cow's milk, goat's milk has higher amounts of vitamin A, riboflavin, calcium, potassium, and niacin," Stefanski says. It's also easier to digest because of the small fat globules and slightly lower lactose content."
OUR HONEY — Raw + Unfiltered. Better for the bees, better for the environment and better for you, honey.
Texas grown. Our partnering farms practice everything from low till operations to avoid soil erosion, to cover-cropping to protect soil health. They produce goods without sulfites, nitrates, benzoic, propionic, and sorbic acids. In an effort to maximize nutritional value, they focus on wholesome variety diets for their feed and treat their animals humanely. Within every market, we will strive to prop up our local community by sourcing the greatest ingredients from the best farms.
As we continue to grow and expand into new cities — food integrity will always stand at the front of our operation. We seek to scale truth.

Nicholas Nanakos
CEO & Founder